Batman: Arkham Knight — Gut-Wrenchingly Satisfying


Batman is a sociopath. Abiding by a self-enforced code of ethics, Batman never kills. However, he’s not above inflicting just enough pain to make people wish they were dead. It’s this muddy gray line that separates the Dark Knight from the supervillains. But, in Arkham Knight, that line is rapidly receding, as the hero is fighting a seemingly losing battle on all fronts against Scarecrow, a mysterious new foe and his own psyche.

In Arkham Knight, you’ll find the hero at his most haggard and aggressive. Gamers will have to use every trick in Batman’s utility belt, including Batarangs, Batclaws and new gadgets, like the Voice Synthesizer, to survive. The Batmobile is also on hand to assist you in your travels. It’s a gripping journey toward the heart of darkness, but the ends might not justify the means.

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